Any speed limit at VDDreg = 2.2V?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mark03 on Mon Oct 15 15:44:17 MST 2012
Usually an MCU's maximum clock speed is somewhat voltage dependent, but I cannot find any indication of this in the LPC43xx datasheets.  Is operation up to 208 MHz supported at the stated minimum VDDreg of 2.2 volts?

I'm also pondering how to connect Vbat in my system.  I will have a Li-ion battery which can exceed the max allowed Vbat (max battery 4.2, max Vbat 3.6).  Would an acceptable solution be to connect the battery directly through a large-value resistor R, such that (4.2-3.6)/R is comparable to the stated Vbat current of 2 microamps?  If the current requirement is relatively constant, this would still present 2.4 volts at the Vbat pin when the battery was empty at 3 volts.