Connecting LPC4337 3.3v level signals to 2.5v level signals of FPGA

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by manikandan on Tue May 20 08:40:27 MST 2014
We are using LPC 4337 with ML605 FPGA board. We would like to connect SSP1 interface of LPC to the FPGA. Similarly 2 interrupt lines from FPGA to LPC GPIO lines. The signals levels of FPGA is 2.5v and LPC is 3.3v. Is there a provision available in the LPC4337 board to do this kind of level translation for the required pins. Or do we need an external translator?

What is the best way to interface the LPC (3.3v level) and ML605(2.5v level)? Thanks in advance for all your inputs.