USB0 initialisation not working

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I have a working USB1 driver on my custom board and I am trying  to migrate it to the USB0 now Though it seems to be pretty straightforward, I am not able to get it up and running on USB0 .

I am trying to do the following initialisation.

/*Set up USB0 */
/* for USB0 Connect the output of PLL1 to USB0 base clock */
scu_pinmux(0x2, 3, MD_PUP | MD_EZI, FUNC7);     // P2_3 USB0_PWR_EN, USB0 VBus function

Am I missing anything in the sequence above or is there some configuration error?

I am setting up descriptors for USB0 as below.

/* Setup  the USB device descriptors */
  USBDesc.device_desc = (uint8_t *) USB_DeviceDescriptor;
  USBDesc.string_desc = (uint8_t *) USB_StringDescriptor;
  USBDesc.high_speed_desc = USB_HsConfigDescriptor;
  USBDesc.full_speed_desc = USB_FsConfigDescriptor;
  USBDesc.device_qualifier = (uint8_t *) USB_DeviceQualifier;

I am turning on the PHY before  USBD_API->hw->Init call()  also.

/* Turn on the USB0 phy */   
  LPC_CREG->CREG0 &= ~(1<<5);         
After all these steps, still I am not finding atleast an Unknown device " or a Virtual COM on the PC .

Can anyone help me in this?

Thanks in advance,