Question about the bandwidth test app

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ahmed13 on Fri Jun 20 05:46:15 MST 2014
Hello everyone,

I have a question about the Bandwidth test app in the nxpUSBlib, I tried it on my LPC43xx board, it's working nice.
In the LPCUSBtest tool I changed some little things to be able to send and receive a simple "hello world" (I changed the m_frameBuf values)  througth bulk usb.
It's working good I can see the string in DATA IN ou OUT with a USB sniffer.

I'm not really sure about understanding perfectly the example, we are transmitting data (Tx) to the device and Receiving data (Rx) from the device ?

My question is, I now want to send a simple raw image without any compression for the moment, from device to host (for example an image that is on a SD card on the board that I could send over USB to the PC) and from host to device.
I want to do this using the bulk Endpoint.

I'm new to usb and I'm not sure about the steps to do. If anyone would have some example, similar project or just explanation that could help me to go in the right direction it would be grateful.