Ram is not enough, could I use extern SDRAM as ram?and How?

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To any one who could help,
I am using IAR+LPC4357+ external SDRAM + LWIP+UFFS.
My ram is not enough, i need to use external SDRAM as RAM . The code i am using was download from LPCOPEN, external SDRAM is initialized in Board_SystemInit.

/* Set up and initialize hardware prior to call to main */
void Board_SystemInit(void)
/* Setup system clocking and memory. This is done early to allow the
   application and tools to clear memory and use scatter loading to
   external memory. */

I tried change _RAM_start__ and RAM_end__  in  lpc4357_m4.icf
define symbol __ICFEDIT_region_RAM_start__ =
define symbol __ICFEDIT_region_RAM_end__   =

which are changed to the address of external SDRAM(0X28000000), but when i download to device, it goes to HardFault_Handler.
I guess it is because SDRAM doesn't work at the beginning. but what should I do with it? or should I use assembly code to initialize SDRAM first ?if then is there any code to refer to ?
Thanks so much.