Is it possible to destroy LPC43xx by accidental overclocking ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jarekk on Fri Oct 02 01:36:09 MST 2015

After merging some software we got a small problem - accidentally we got wrong PLL values for our combination of LPC4330 with SPIFI external flash ( too high core frequency).

This caused big problems with recovering from this situation - we were unable to reprogram SPIFI flashes again.
After several tests we have changed the flashes to new ones ( empty ), but the problem did not disappear - none of the two devices recovered.

So the question is - is it actually possible to destroy silicon by accidental overclocking ?
The funny thing is that the core actually still works, but SPIFI seems inoperational. On one devices the SPIFI flash is not seen at all, on the other board you can see SPIFI contents, but cannot write/erase.
Even with our code loaded to RAM - which works properly on other boards.

Our debugger - JLink reports timeouts on attempts to erase any of these flashes. Checked with Crossoworks and Keil as well as JFlash algorithms