How I set up the LPC-Link2 for LPC4313 programming

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by haber on Sun Feb 21 11:13:41 MST 2016

I'm trying to upload some program on LPC4313(LQFP144, no devboard) using LPC-Link2.

I'm using LPCXpresso 8.0.0 IDE and JTAG/SWD pin J6 on LPC-Link2.

In this situation,

1. should I short J1 on LPC-Link2?

2. What pin is the main power on LPC4313? (VDD(VDDA, VBAT), VSS(VSSIO) is right?)

3.Is it right to set up the emulator selection in debugger configuration as CMISIS-DAP?

4. What LPC-Link2 firmware is right(In LPC-Link2 Configurarion Tool)?

When I set up the debugger connection in debugger configuration as JTAG with CMISIS-DAP emulator

and debug, 'JTAG configuration - No available devices found' error occured.   

How should I set up the configuration LPC-Link2, LPCXpresso IDE for uploading program on a LPC4313?

Thank you.