Interrupt from concurrent CAN channels stopping

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Randy Nuss on Sat Mar 16 14:14:07 MST 2013
I'm using both CAN channels of the lpc4337.  Each physical CAN bus is a 250kHz bus -what the actual data rates are I can't say for sure.  A single channel is processed fine.  When both channels are enabled, I receive data for a short time (few seconds maybe) then CAN-receive interrupts just stop.  This never occurred when I interfaced to the very same buses using an lpc17xx.

I'm using the event-router interrupt for the CCAN which provides a single interrupt for either CAN channel.

Could there be an arbitration issue with the two interrupt sources and the single event-router interrupt?  I noticed there are separate interrupts available for the two CAN channels -maybe I should try those instead of the event-router?

Is a halt of interrupts possible if data isn't read in time?  Is it possible this is not a concurrent channel issue but a higher data issue?  I am running the lpc4337 at 90MHz, but again the lpc17xx was running slower and doing ok.

I haven't been back on the hardware yet to try and trap any error conditions the CAN interrupt handler might indicate.