LPC4330 ethernet- remote wake up frame filter.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Krishnakumar on Mon Sep 29 04:38:21 MST 2014
Hi folks,

In LPC4330 ethernet, It has a register called remote wake up frame filter(WAKEUPFMFILTER_REG) which is used for wake on lan configuration by wake up farme.

The WAKEUPFMFILTER has a field called "filter i CRC_16" which is 16 bits wide. In the document UM10503.pdf it's given that this "filter i crc_16" field contains CRC_16 value calculated for the pattern and the byte mask programmed to the wake-up filter register block.

But the byte mask is of 32 bits and how a field of 16 bits wide that is "filter i CRC_16" contains 16 bits CRC(CRC_16 for pattern) and the 32 bits byte mask. Let me know, if is there any logic behind that?

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Krishnakumar Kulkarni