IAP write problem - using the same memory bank for bootloader and application

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Hello friends,

I'm having a problem trying to implement a bootloader. The scenario is that follows: a LPC4357 (using only the M4 core) with a bootloader that occupies the first 128 kB of the FLASH A BANK (sectors 0 to 8). The main firmware image is located at an external SPIFI memory. I want to write this image on the following sectors of the on-chip flash (sectors 9 to 14) at the same bank.

The problem is when I try to write the flash using the IAP calls (prepare, erase, prepare, write) the core raises a hardfault. The odd issue is that when I use the exactly same code changing the "destination" to the on-chip flash BANK B, the whole procedure works fine. I've already checked the content of the FLASH B after running the boot loader, and it's fine.

So, is there any issue on using IAP commands affecting the same BANK which your code is running?

Thanks in advance,