lpc3250 floating point support

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Elavarasan on Mon Oct 22 00:10:28 MST 2012
Hai all,we are using lpc32xx_cdl_v2.11. (processor: lpc3250 and IDE: Keil 4.50 ).
This cdl is not supporting for floating point. if we add any floating point calc in our code,
software is hanging in startup code itself. we referred sample code (AN10902: LPC32xx VFP Basic Example Code).
but AN10902 is having different startup file and working fine.
we tried to integrate AN10902 VFP initialized code from lpc32x0.s to CDL keil_stack_setup.s,
                IF      {FPU} != "SoftVFP"
                MOV     R1, #VFP_EN_BIT ; Enable VFP
                FMXR    FPEXC, R1
but still problem is there. floating calc not working in cdl.
is there any solution from your side?how to fix this issue?
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