LPC1850 fault startup at reset with external flash (Hitex board LPC1850 Rev-A4)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by fcarlo on Wed Jun 27 02:27:39 MST 2012
We are using the LPC1850 Rev-A4 board and IAR EWARM 6.30.

We used the latest LCD_Demo project included in the last snapshot (06/11/2012) of the LPC18xx CMSIS-Compliant Standard Peripheral Firmware Driver Library.
The example, compiled for external Flash memory, runs fine, but we notice a trouble when the code exceeds a certain size.
The trouble appear when the reset button of the board is pressed (SW1) during the code execution.
The original project works fine in external flash code, but to reproduce the problem we add in main (see tag //NOP CODE ) a noop(); function included in the defs.c file that contains a series of nop instructions.

In normal conditions at reset, the code restart executing the main function as expected, while in our case (with noop funtion) at reset, the code doesn't start correctly (it seems hang).
We can't understand why the code works well only when Jtag jlink emulator is used with the c-spy.

All settings and jumpers (EMC boot mode) of the board has been configured correctly!!!!

Please find the project in attachment.

Thanks in advance.


Original Attachment has been moved to: Lcd_Demo_NOP_NOK.zip