DFUSec Flash Programming Error

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I am using customer board with LPC1857FET256 and trying to flash firmware into internal flash using USB0 boot.  I believe I got the USB algorithm correct because
A.  it boots from RAM correctly and displays following on UART
USB Bootloader Algorithm
Build date: Oct 15 2012:17:33:56

FLASH detected: 2 bank(2) (0xf001d830/0x1ef20000)
FLASH bank 0: Start: 1a000000, Size 00080000
FLASH bank 1: Start: 1b000000, Size 00080000
Initializing USB interface
Initializing DFU
Connecting USB

B.  LPC DFUSec says Download Complete, Waiting for device detection after initial download.

The tool chokes at this point.  What could be wrong?  What device detection is the tool waiting for?