Are those SAME, LPC1830_Xplorer and LPC1837_Xplorer?

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Hi everyone,

Does someone know the differences between LPC1830 and LPC1837_Xplorer. I have some example code of LPC1830 from the website: http://microcontrollershop.com/product_info.php?products_id=4842.

I followed the user manual step by step to download the LED_Blinky demo code into the board through ULINK-ME.
it shows like this:
Load "C:\\Users\\dell\\Desktop\\lpc1830_Xplorer_Keil\\LPC1830_Xplorer_Blinky\\Keil\\SPIFI 32MB Debug\\LPC1830_Xplorer_Blinky.axf"
Erase Done.
Programming Done.
Verify OK.

SO I think I configure the board successfully, but the LED not blinking. The only problem is I am using LPC1830's code not LPC1837's. I thought they are compatible before. But now I am not pretty sure. Does anyone can give me some suggestion?

Thanks very much.