access SDMMC as a storage media from PC thru USB using LPC1800

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ChewTP on Wed Oct 15 02:45:21 MST 2014
Hi I need some help here . I would like to implement SDMMC as a Mass storage device media when connected to the PC . I am looking at the msc_ram and perish_sdmmc examples in the LPCOpen . Same examples that you are looking . I would like to implement read , write , change directory , rename in the SDMMC card when view from PC .

I think using the USBD ROM driver in the mass storage class , they only have translate_wr , translate_rd , verify ..etc but with just these two callback function , how can I implement those functionn like change directory , rename delete , copy ...etc

Maybe it can implement read and write but to use it like a normal storage device , it is more than just read and write . Any idea how to do that .