Flash Memory of BankA(only 1st 512 Bytes) Corrupts sometimes after calling Chip_IAP_SetBootFlashBank

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by ashgupta28 on Fri Aug 28 11:08:03 MST 2015

I am facing an issue in rebooting upgraded code in new flash Bank area. Currently code is running on Bank A & after writing correctly at new code at FLASH bank B & calculating successfully signature, i call Chip_IAP_SetBootFlashBank(new_bank), but just after this function 1 out of 10 times starting 512 BYTES from 0x1A000000 to 0x1A001FF becomes somehow FF.
This happens only after Chip_IAP_SetBootFlashBank(new_bank) but not always.

So code hangs & unable to comes up unless it is hard resetted. After hard resetted , code runs successfully with bank B but 1st 512 Bytes of Bank B remains 0xFFFF. I am using LPCXpresso 7.8 version with latest source packages

Thanks in advance,
Ashish Gupta