LPCUSBLib HID Exemple on LPC 1850

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Hi all,

First excuse me for my bad english but it's new language for me. I'm also new in embbeded system world.

I'm testing to run Genreric Hid Device from LPCUSBLib comes with the last release of LPCOpen (V. 1.02) on my board "MCB 1850" from Keil and it runs fine. But i want to modify the Host Side application to have the possibility of write text to send to the device. But for make this, can I just change the report size or i Have to make an other report descriptor?

If I just have to change the report size and I can also send message for manage the LEDs, see the buton state and send text.  Can anyone tell me how to do this ?

 Thanks to help me find the issue.

Maxime V