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Building with makefile

Discussion created by Bengt-Olov Andersson on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by ssinfod
I'm trying to build my application with a makefile according to TN 251 without using the IDE.
This application has previously been sucessfully built in the IDE so when setting the flags for the compiler, assembler and linker I'm just copying the Command line argument from the Target settings in the IDE assuming that it's on the same format as used in the makefile. This will however not work! The compiler will not find the .c files in the first place. Here is the argument string : -CpPPAGE=RUNTIME -D_HCS12 -D__NO_FLOAT__ -D_8_FUNC_SYS -Lasm=%n.lst -Mb -TuC -WmsgSd2705 -WmsgSd6000. Seems like something is omitted. For example I can not see the -I flag. Would be nice to somewhere find the syntax to be used when running the compiler from DOS (makefile).
My question: Is this Command Line Arguments from the IDE the same as used in the makefile or does it have to be converted in some way???
I'm running CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale HCS12(X) Microcontrollers v4.6, build 6345