Unable to get IAP working with LPC1853

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I am struggling to get IAP working with a custom made board that mount a LPC1853 part. I can program this part using ISP DFU and the application provided from NXP. I am working with IAR 6.40.5 compiler and Segger JLINK debugger.

I have started from here:

The .ICF (linker file) is set properly to reserve top 32 bytes of RAM as follow:

// Top 32 bytes are reserved for IAP variables
define symbol LOCAL_SRAM_start__    = 0x10080000;
define symbol LOCAL_SRAM_end__      = 0x10089FDF;
define region LOCAL_SRAM_region    = mem:[from LOCAL_SRAM_start__  to  LOCAL_SRAM_end__];

Command parameter table and command result table are placed at a fixed address:

static unsigned int iapCommands[6] @ 0x10080000;
static unsigned int iapResults[4]  @ 0x10080018;

The IAP invoke call is located in the jump table as follows:

#define IAP_LOCATION 0x10400100
typedef void (__thumb *IAP)(unsigned int[], unsigned int[]);
const static IAP iap_entry = (IAP)IAP_LOCATION;

To keep thing as simple as possibile, I am only trying to send an "IAP_INIT (49)" command and looking for a CMD_SUCCESS response.

iapCommands[0] = (unsigned int)IAP_INIT;
iap_entry(iapCommands, iapResults);
ret = iapResults[0];

if (ret != CMD_SUCCESS) {
  /*Cmd failed*/

When IAP is called, I can see from via JTAG that the registers are properly set:
R0: 0x10080000 //&iapCommands[0]
R1: 0x10080018 //&iapResults[0]
R2: 0x10400100 //IAP ROM driver table

From the disassembly listing I can see the jump command to the address:

After that some assembly instructions are done and at some point the processor goes to the Hardware Fault ISR before reaching the instruction:
ret = iapResults[0];

Is there someone that could tell me if I made something wrong or misunderstood something from the User Manual?
Thank you