LPC1769 encoder interrupt

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Hi everyone!

I am working on the QEI of LPC1769 but was facing few issues with the interrupt status register. I want to measure the velocity of the motor whenever the LPC_QEI->QEITIME register overflows.
The problem is that the timer interrupt in the LPC_QEI->QEIINTSTAT becomes high even though the timer has not overflowed. It does it even clear the interrupt when the LPC_QEI->QEICLR is used.

/**** code****/
#ifdef __USE_CMSIS
#include "LPC17xx.h"

#include <cr_section_macros.h>

uint32_t meas_rpm,i=0,j=0,k=0,test=0,test1=0,test2=0,ans;

void qei_init()
   LPC_SC->PCONP    |= 1<<18;          // Power up QEI
   LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1 |= 3;             // Select clock for QEI = cclk/8

   LPC_PINCON->PINSEL3 |= (1<<8);       // configure as MCI0-QEA  - P1.20
   LPC_PINCON->PINSEL3 |= (1<<14);    // configure as MCI1-QEB  - P1.23
   LPC_PINCON->PINSEL3 |= (1<<16);    // configure as MCI2-INDX - P1.24

   LPC_QEI->QEICONF |= (1<<2);       // Set quadrature mode - 4x mode
   LPC_QEI->QEIMAXPOS= 0xFFFFFFFF;      // Maximum pulse count limit after which counter resets
   LPC_QEI->FILTER     = 0;             // Number of clk delays

void en_encoderint() [color=#c0f]//Done in two ways[/color]
//LPC_QEI->QEIIES |= (1<<5);
//LPC_QEI->QEIIES &= 0xFFFFE002 ;[color=#c0f]1) Used only this line[/color]
LPC_QEI->QEIIES |= (1<<5); [color=#c0f]2) Used this and the following line[/color]
LPC_QEI->QEIIES |= (1<<1);

void QEI_IRQHandler()

void main(void) {
LPC_QEI->QEICLR &=0x00001FFF;[color=#c0f]//INTSTAT = 0x120, expected value = 0 as all bits cleared[/color]
LPC_QEI->QEILOAD = 10000;[color=#c0f]// Has no effect with a smaller value (eg 10)[/color]
while(1) {
if(ans == 2) [color=#c0f] //the statement if(LPC_QEI->QEIINTSTAT & 2 == 2) is giving incorrect solution (res=1?)[/color]
LPC_QEI->QEICLR &= 0x00001FFF;[color=#c0f]// is not affecting the INTSTAT reg[/color]
meas_rpm = (SystemCoreClock/8)*LPC_QEI->QEICAP*60/(LPC_QEI->QEILOAD*1024*4);
[color=#c0f]// I want to clear the interrupt so that I measure the velocity at the exact instant when the velocity timer reg overflows[/color]


/**** End of code****/

The second problem I am facing is that the code never enters the QEI ISR. I used a test int k to see if ISR code was implemented but it did not change.