ADC on LPC1768

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I am using the 12bit ADC of the LPC1768 for sensor data accusation and naturally require very high reliability. On testing the same using a LPC1768 xplorer board, the results shows that there is a chance of error in every bit. On taking 8000 samples the following probability of error was observed.
err_pb = 0.0135    0.0265    0.0300    0.0289    0.0296    0.0331    0.0441    0.1571    0.1734    0.2404    0.4808    0.4325

The error in the last two bit is understandable (ground noise), but i am puzzled by the error in the higher bits. I tried it on both burst mode and the software controlled mode, with different frequencies of conversion. Still the error in the higher bit remains.

I would be grateful if someone could advice me on the source of error, whether the problem is only for LPC1768 xplorer or LPC1768 or in the programing.