Lcd controller initialization fail

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by padmaja on Sat Jan 16 01:27:14 MST 2016
i was working on uez product of uezgui-1788-70wvm. it contains LPC1788 interface with 7" WVGA tft capacitive touch screen display. Did

initialization of LCD controller registers,
pin connections assigned,
SDRAM starting address to LCD base address,
finally enabled LCD and backlight.
it show full white color means that light was because of backlight right? after that i was tried to write lines display clear but nothing was done. I changed different pen colors also then also i didn't get any pixel variation means color change or something.
may i know the reason for this state? Sad
One more thing is Frame buffer address. frame buffer address is LCD base address or local sram memory location ??
in put_pixel function i used ((win->fb + y * win->xpsize)[x] = color; ) this instruction at that time this win->fb need valid address otherwise it wents to hardfault_handler. How can i rectify this bug?

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