LPCOpen and LPC1788 help needed!!

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This sounds ridiculous, but for the life of me I cannot get the LPCOpen examples to work with Expresso.  I have looked at the root readme.txt file in the LPCUSBOpen directory, and it does not correlate to the directory structure on disk, so of course importing projects does not work.  If I go to the C:\LPCOpen\lpcopen_v1.03\lpcopen\applications\lpc17xx_40xx\xpresso_projects\ea_devkit_1788\ea_devkit_1788_usblib_device directory and import here, the project does not nothing, and it looks like there are no source files at all in the project.  I have literally no idea what to do to make this all work.  Am I missing something here?  I read the instructions on-line, but these do not seem to address the questions.  FYI, in case anyone reads this and can offer help, I would like to port the USB virtual serial device over to Rowley Crossworks using USB port2.  As a baseline, I want to get the existing code working with Xpresso so I can make sure the hardware is configured correctly.  Striking out on all fronts right now!!