LPC power down current

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kiryat8 on Wed Oct 01 22:53:22 MST 2014
On a custom LPC1768 board with no Ethernet used or PHY attached I am reading a total current over 700ua.
Before going into CLKPWR_PowerDown() low power mode,
1) Turn all PCON modules except RTC and GPIO.
2) Turn off PLL0 and PLL1 and change to internal RC oscillator.
3) Switch all pin directions possible as described in AN10915 (Using the LPC1700 power modes).
  I switched off all internal pullups and pull downs
  Changed the pin directions where possible to output low and input where there are pullup or pull down.
  Turn off brownout.
4) Changed all pins back to GPIO.
      I read somewhere where the ADC pins maybe should be left as high impedance ADC and not GPIOs.  
      Is this true?

Is there something I am missing?
If I never use the Ethernet and no PHY mounted then there is no way the Ethernet module is taking power?

Any thoughts anyone.