LPC1768 SPI problem

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I have a Landtiger (http://developer.mbed.org/users/wim/notebook/landtiger-baseboard/) development board (I probably won't use its LCD display) with LPC1768 on it. My problem is that I need to communicate with ADXL362 accelerometer (Digilent pmodACL2) and L3G4200D (Digilent pmodGyro) via SPI. Is it possible to achieve it using hardware SPI (or SSP in SPI mode) embedded in LPC1768 chip ? I'm asking this question due to information enclosed in documentation of devices listed above. For example the accelerometer needs at least 3 bytes per on communication cycle (i. e. period when chip select signal is active) while LPC's SPI module can send/receive no more than 16 bits of data in one transfer cycle. I would also like to know whether LPC1768 could use its SPI hardware to work as master in multislave mode (I've got accelerometer and gyroscope)
Please help me.