How to efficiently use GPDMA to generate audio waveform on DAC output pin

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I need to play some simple audio signals on DAC output pin and I'd like to use GPDMA so I can save CPU cycles.
I don't need hi-fi, so I'm going to store audio signals as 8-bits const unsigned char arrays.

The single 8-bit sample should be written to DACR register, but it must be manipulated. I don't need to save power (BIAS flag could be set to 0), so I have to only shift the 8-bit sample value by 8 bits:

  const unsigned char samples[] = { ... };
  DACR = samples[idx] << 8;

In other words, I have to write the 8-bits sample to address 0x4008 C001 and not the base DACR register 0x4008 C000.

Is it possible with GPDMA and LPCOpen libraries?