LPC1756 secondary boot loader fails when jumping into application

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I am using the AN11258 I2C secondary boot loader as the reference for my development.

I have successfully implemented the core boot loader, my problem occurs when I jump to the application.  The application is built using the RedLib library.  I have traced the problem to the following extent:

- boot loader jumps into app's entry point (ResetISR in cr_startup_lpc176x.c)
- ResetISR calls __main
- __main (inside redlib doing some kind of "magic" that I can't see or modify) calls _initio
- _initio calls _Csys_alloc requesting 192 bytes
- _Csys_alloc calls malloc requesting 192 bytes
--- FAIL --- malloc returns 0
- Csys_alloc calls __sys_write then __sys_appexit (infinite loop)

I have read every thread on this forum that I can find related to boot loaders.  Before I call my application, I reset the SP and set the VTOR to point to my application's vector table.  The application's ResetISR routine run's successfully until the memory allocation request.  It's not "crashing" - i.e. not a memory bus exception dropping into one of the exception vector routines.

The application works fine if I compile it with a base address of 0x00 instead of 0x1000

Is there a bug in RedLib????

I do not want to switch libraries (though I guess I could for testing purposes) because one module of my code has been through certification and changing the stdC library for the app will mean I have to change the stdC lib for the module as well, which would require recertification. 

Here is the memory table for my boot loader:
FLASH  loc: 0x00  size 0x1000
RAM  loc: 0x10000000 size 0x3c00
RAM2 loc 0x10003c00 size 0x400
RAM3 loc 0x2007c000 size 0x4000

and for my application:
FLASH  loc: 0x1000  size 0x1f800
FLASH2 loc: 0x3fffc size 0x4
RAM  loc: 0x10000000 size 0x3c00
RAM2 loc 0x10003c00 size 0x400
RAM3 loc 0x2007c000 size 0x4000

Any assistance in figuring out why this isn't working would be greatly appreciated