LIN bus on a LPC17xx

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I am looking at implementing a LIN bus master and slave on the LPC1769. The hardware is done and I will use the UART1 for the Master and the UART2 for the Salve. They will be running on interrupts with FreeRTOS.

I have been looking around on the internet and I can't find any LIN bus library in C... The only things I found are a couple of application notes from Microchip dating back to 2003 and a stack written for
Arduino in C++.

I expect to have to play around with the LPC1769 baudrate in order to generate the 13bits break for the master and use the Break interrupt to trigger the salve but I would like to find some code to start from.

I was wondering if anyone ported or wrote a LIN bus driver for the LPC17xx? Or if anyone found a LIN bus driver written in C on any platform?

Thanks in advance!