LPC1769 UART problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by karanmehta93 on Wed Jan 01 15:27:33 MST 2014
I am using UART to receive two bytes at a time with a LPC1769 from Atmega8. The UART starts with an falling edge interrupt generated in LPC1769 by using a GPIO pin of Atmega8. Since the two bytes are required in order, the code remains inside a loop until the whole byte is received and then copies it into a variable name "val1". It does the same thing again for variable "val2".
However during the course of time, I find that sometimes, unusually, the bytes val1 and val2 get interchanged. It severely affects my program.
Since I am controlling motors also along with this, the spikes of motor can be a reason for that.
I wanted to know the possible reasons for the bytes getting interchanged even when UART is used with interrupt.
Also suggest me possible methods to avoid the same problem again.