Linker Error? Make *** error 1

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by epilonsonia on Fri Feb 21 12:12:20 MST 2014
I am using LPCXpresso v6.1.2 [Build 177] to program on LPCXpresso 1769.
I've been having troubles for a couple of weeks with what looks like linker errors. Yet after many attempts and research on the forums it is still unresolved.
The situation:
-Compilation of the project is successful
-I get 4 errors which are all similar :

make: *** [CarteNavigation2011.axf] Error 1
make: *** [src/can_af.o] Error 1

I would like to be able to link actual build errors but there are none since like I said, the build is successful.

I've tried many basic solution like cleaning (both configurations), followed all tips to ensure everything is linked properly.
The program's behaviour seems to work properly (Navigation Card that control many devices/actuators/interfaces).
Even though I'm not comfortable with this solution, should I just be ignoring the errors?
Any advices or links I might have missed would be greatly appreciated.