Programming LPC1517

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by IanB on Wed Jul 15 06:52:55 MST 2015
My first attempt to program an LPC15xx and everything seemed OK at first.

After three recompiles I got a verify error at 0xC80  - an EEPROM failure after three rewrites? - unusual - but I changed the IC just to make sure.

First time I programmed the new one - verify error at 0xC80 - now I know it's fibbing. . . 65536 addresses to choose from and the same one faulty in two parts?

It also said: System rejected access at location 0xE000EDF0 - verify population of memory and peripherals.

How do I verify the population of the memory and peripherals? What is there at 0xE000EDF0 that it's so interested in?

Knowing the tangential relationship between LPCXPRESSO's error messages and their real causes, I did check a few other things:

My serial-wire debug lead is OK (that's the usual problem), I have a stiff enough power supply both on the target board and from the computer to the LPCLINK; and I haven't written anything daft to the CRP location,

and I tried again:

After a few more tries, it now says "target marked as non-debuggable".

Any clues?