Example program don't work

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I have a LPCXpresso1549 evaluation board OM13056 and I want to run example program.
Unfortunely all there program FreeRTOS, ADC, EEPROM, FlashIAP, freqmeas, I2C, pmu (power management unit), RTC, SPI_slave and temp don't run. When I execute the program, I go directrly to HardFault_Handler.
When I do my own program, I want to use <stdio.h> to use printf and sscanf.
When I use printf my program go directly to HardFault_Handler as example program.
In example program, th e function DEBUGOUT use printf and I think this will the cause of error.
Do you know why?
Do you have a solution to resolve the problem?

Thank you

Man Long LAY