Odd GPIO behavior

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jdurand on Sat Sep 08 17:35:33 MST 2012
I've done several LPC boards already (LPC1113, LPC1754, LPC4350) and never had a problem with the GPIO...until now.

I have an LPC1226FBD48/301 part on my board here and while I can run code on it (FreeRTOS is running one task at the moment), I can't seem to talk to the GPIO.

For example, I go through and configure some of the IOCON bits for GPIO0 and then try to write to the DIR and OUT registers.  No matter what I write the registers read back as 0.  I tried using the Peripheral tab of the Code Red debugger and when I try to change the port in that, it warns me for example that it read back 0 after I wrote a 1.

Is there a power or clock I have to enable for the GPIO?  I've been looking through the manual but haven't found anything.