Free Linux FLASH utility: mxli

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Hello Members,

I was a bad boy!
I did not support LPC13xx with my Linux ISP flasher mxli until today, although I supported so many others.
It can be found here: http://www.windscooting.com/softy/mxli.html#Latest

Unfortunately, I've never used an LPC13xx so far. I count on you, providing some feedback!
And I would like to know if you consider this posting inappropriate for the LPCWare forum(s).

I started a PCB a few years ago, but then the project was canceled and two chips disappeared in the drawer. Later I used LPC1100 and LPC800. This is my first excuse, why support for a whole family kept missing from the program. The second excuse is: you could have programmed these chips with mxli anyway, from the first version on, just a little bit less comfortable. Only recently I found out, that people would rather modify the source code than provide a few command-line options. Pity, because that was one of the most important design requirements for mxli  :((