MIDI device class not working.

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Hi all,

I've tried using the MIDI device class but have problems in both the IN and OUT directions. 

In the OUT direction I get some MIDI events but a lot of garbage too.  The data returned by MIDI_Device_ReceiveEventPacket sometimes but not always contains valid MIDI events.  Also the rate and number of events doesn't match what I know is being sent from the host. Looking at the code the problem is with the Endpoint_Read_Stream_LE() function which does not correctly consume the bytes received.  I've already commented on this in the context of the virtual serial device topic. I've done a fix which seems to work for MIDI out.  I hope a similar fix for CDCClassDevice.c will work too (haven't tried it yet).

Don't know what the problem is with MIDI IN, I don't see any bulk in traffic at the host.  The code appears to be sending the MIDI events but I'm not seeing them using usbmon.  I do get bulk in traffic with the CDC example code so I'm going to use that to help me debug.


P.S. The code base I'm working with is v0.94

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