USB Uart on a LPC 1343 Chip

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by twols on Sat Sep 13 05:04:42 MST 2014
Hello guys!

I'm trying to implement the usb-uart feature of the LPC 1343 uC. But I'm facing some problems:

First, in the chip.h file is defining the LPC_USB only for the LPC1347. Why? I mean, the 1343 does also have an USB interface..

#if defined(CHIP_LPC1347)
#define LPC_USB                   ((LPC_USB_T              *) LPC_USB0_BASE)

Also the LPC_USB_T structure is defined only for 1347.

When I extend the chip.h and fix all the errors when compiling, the execution freezes on

USBD_API->hw->Init(&g_hUsb, &desc, &usb_param);

Is the last function a part of the API? I can not jump in to find out, why it's holding.

Also, what is the official USB library from NXP? The page of nxpUSBLib tells me, there is a newer version of the lib. But the project page of LPCUsbLib doesn't exist...

I'm using LPCopen 2.x and IAR EW.