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Debugging - MC68HC908QB08

Discussion created by MichaelAlex Yonibaz on Apr 21, 2008
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Hello Everyone.
I'm sorry in advance that this question will be quite silly and basic, but we've searched and couldn't find the answer, or rather, a detailed guide.
What we want to do, is connect the MC68HC908QB08 and debug it. We have the development kit, along with the CodeWarrior software. Also, we have the Pemicro USB Mon08 multilink, with which we connect the board to the computer.
We turn on the Codewarrior, follow the little instructions we have there and use some common sense, but apparently we're quite behind, and can't figure out how to "move" the code we're writing to the processor itself.
If anyone could help at that point, we'd be very welcome.
Cheers, Alex
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