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Discussion created by Tim Ahrens on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by bigmac
Hi all,
I am using the CMX terminal demo as a method of transferring data into the PC.
I successfully got the program to do what it's supposed to with all files still in the
CMX directories as downloaded from the F'scale site.
The next thing I did was to relocate the files (still using the original CW setup),
and place them into the 'sources' directory.  All worked fine.
I started a 'new project' in CW, and transferred all of the required files into the
new 'sources' directory.  After fixing all of the directory related errors, I am getting
about 88 errors, mainly around a 'hcc_u8 not declared', or 'BITx not declared'.
To further debug, I have both projects open in two separate CW windows, and
have compared all setups & made sure they are the same... search paths, compiler
options, link order, etc.  All appear identical.
Anybody have any ideas?
BTW, I called CMX, but they are at some show this week, so support is evidently