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HCS12(X) ver - 4.6, Vista and Aladdin/FLEXID

Question asked by Monte Variakojis on Apr 14, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by Monte Variakojis

Hello Group,


I'm trying to get my FLEXID to show up in the license manager's FLEXID window. So far it stays blank.


I'm using Vista Ultimate, HCS12(X) 4.6 tools, installed the HASPUserSetup and the MW_FLEXlm_v1_4.exe. Vista seems accept the drivers and shows that the dongle is installed. I can see this through the Computer Management app by viewing the device manager and expanding the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" list items (Aladdin HASP Key and Aladdin USB key).


Any hints would be appreciated.