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Reprogramming a XC68HC98AZ60 CFU8 - looking for datasheet

Discussion created by Michael Lenhart on Apr 13, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by Jose Lage
Hello Experts,

when analyzing a device equipped with a XC68HC98AZ60 CFU8 which does not work below 5°C any more we came to the conclusion that all the hardware is intact.

So one explanation could be a weak flash programming since the device is 8 years old. In order to verify this and possibly develop some consequences for our own devices we would like to
  • read out the software at room temperature
  • reprogram it
  • check if it works in the cold again
We could find some application notes on how to program this family in general, but even freescale support could not provide a datasheet since this processor is discontinued since 2002.
Google only found brokers that could provide some processors, but no datasheet.

So if anyone could provide hints about the pinning for reprogramming or how to obtain the datasheet, we would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards,