Taylor Almond

Retrieving 64-bit IEEE address given a 16-bit network address

Discussion created by Taylor Almond on Apr 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2008 by Ye Feng
I am having trouble getting the 64-bit IEEE address given a 16-bit network address.

I am currently sending a packet over the air from an SRB to an NCB. I read the data indication packet for the 16-bit zbNwkAddr_t  aSrcAddr.

I want to look up the 64-bit address of the SRB given that 16-bit address. I read through the documentation  and found the APS_GetIeeeAddress(uint8_t *pNwkAddr) function, but it returns null everytime I pass it aSrcAddr. I looked the function call in the debugger and when it runs that function, in the Source Window it says ApsBindManagement.c not found. I could not find this file anywhere.

Then I read this in the documentation:"Use the ZDP versions of these [APS] functions when communicating to other nodes, or when using ZigBee standard over-the-air formats." So I looked for a ZDP function that would perform this functionality, but couldn't find one. Anyone know of the ZDP equivalent function or am I doing something wrong with the APS function?

Thank you.