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LC60: LVD resets MCU while the module is closed

Discussion created by Mehmet Fide on Mar 24, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2008 by Mehmet Fide
  // LVDF Low-Voltage Detect Flag
  // LVDACK Low-Voltage Detect Acknowledge
  // LVDIE Hardware interrupt disabled (use polling).
  // LVDRE Force an MCU reset when LVDF = 1.
  // LVDSE Low-voltage detect disabled during stop mode.
  // LVDE LVD logic disabled.
  // BGBE Bandgap Buffer disabled
  SPMSC1 = 0b01010000;
  // PDC Power down modes are disabled.
  SPMSC2 = 0b00000001;  // stop3
  // LVDV Low trip point selected (VLVD = VLVDL).
  // LVWV Low trip point selected (VLVW = VLVWL).
  SPMSC3 = 0b01000000;
The setting above causes MCU to reset with POR and LVD bit in SRS at mass production (ratio: 0.8%). I'm disabled bandgap buffer and LVD logic. I sometimes enable bandgap buffer to measure some external voltage and disable it immediately again. But never enable LVD logic.
Is that possible?