Mike T

MC9S08QE128 problem with Serial Communication

Discussion created by Mike T on Mar 23, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2008 by Jim Donelson
Hi everyone, I seem to have problem with the Serial Communcation for my DEMOQE128 board with the 8 bit MCU.
My project has a count and I want to transfer that count to pc. What I received in Hyperterminal on XP and Putty on Vista is constant garbage. eg. spade shapes, chinese character, etc.
I went through all the trouble shooting such as changing cables, jumper settings, sci settings, and sci initalization. I think it has to do with the linker file.
Does anyone have a serial communication sample that works with the board so I can test out to see if my serial port actually work.
p.s just wondering if this board has a 8 MHz bus clock. Because i set the baudrate to SCI1BDL = 0xD0 to give me 2400bit/sec. If the bus clock is not 8MHz then I have to change my baudrate.
Thanks for reading.