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HDMI display in imx6 sabreauto revA EVK

Question asked by Daniel Chempolayil Abraham on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2016 by Daniel Chempolayil Abraham

Hi all,

We are trying to bring up HDMI display for i.mx6qsabreauto EVK. Tried out the following.

  1. Added HDMI display support in kernel command line. (can be found from attached bootlog that it came in to act, pls chk highlighted portion)
  2. Used an HDMI to VGA converter to connect EVK display with LCD monitor (HDMI Driver is also getting loaded as per bootlog)
  3. When we do

$ cat /sys/class/graphics/fb2/mode

The result is, U:1920x1080p-60 ; observation is that it is the same resolution mode which was given for HDMI display through U-boot env var.




  1. Not able to see anything in HDMI display during bootup/ when trying run an application.
  2. Is there any specific way to choose the fb associated with HDMI, before running the app?


Anyones's help in this regard is more appreciated.


Best Regards,