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     • ACSafe10.axf: Error: L6220E: Load region LR_IROM1 size (57352 bytes) exceeds limit (57344 bytes). Region contains 34 bytes of padding and 248 bytes of veneers (total 282 bytes of linker generated content).

Question asked by Steve Young on May 31, 2016


I just starting getting this linker error when adding new code to an existing LPC2132FBD64/01 project.  I believe it means there is no more code space available, is this correct?


I am using Keil ARM Basic 4.1 and the target options are set as RO Memory area IROM1: 0x2000 len 0xE000.  Are these values correct for allotting all available code space?

Any suggestions for squeezing a bit more into this processor?


Thanks in advance.