How to Check Installation of USBDM in Codewarrior 10

Discussion created by pgo on May 12, 2016
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The process to check the installation of USBDM in Codewarrior 10.x


Assumes the following:



  • In Codewarrior open the Help->About Codewarrior Development Studio

This should produce a dialogue similar to:

  • Select the COG icon (as outlined in red above).

This should open a dialogue with details about the USBDM plugin. 

Confirm that the version agrees with what you expect.

If the above appears then the USBDM plugins has been installed.

  • To check further each component may be checked by click on the button indicated.

The above dialogue shows the expected plugins that make up USBDM.


If the above is not found then it is suggested that you uninstall and re-install USBDM.  It may be necessary to do this if you upgrade the components of Codewarrior.

When re-installing make sure that the Codewarrior installation is correctly detected.