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Generate interrupt with eTPU

Question asked by Dinh Hoang Tu on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2008 by venki konapla
Dear all,
    Please help me to generate an interrupt with eTPU.
    I'm working with eTPU and I still can't generate an interrupt with eTPU. What I have done to generate an interrupt on channel 6 is that:
        in main function :
            ETPU.CHAN[6].CR.R = 0x80000000;  //enable interrupt
            INTC.PSR[74].R = 0x09;           //eTPU_A Channel 6 Priority is: 9

        in etpu code:
                SetChannelInterrupt();       //generate interrupt
                SetChannelInterrupt();       //generate interrupt

    I have also tried with these in main function, but the reaults are also the same:
            ETPU.CHAN[6].CR.B.CIE = 1
            ETPU.CIER_A.B.CIE6 = 1
I have checked the interrupt vector table and interrupt handler and they are OK.
So is it enough or I miss something to generate an interrupt ? If I missed something, please help me with this.
Thanks so much,