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Hi Support team,

Question asked by Shiva G on May 12, 2016

Hi support team,


I am referring MC9S12ZVCA192 controller for my project development, i am supporting interrupts for PORTAD 7 pin(PAD7) i need to relocate the interrupt address form 0xFFFEF4 to 0xFFBFF0.

i have tried with

const InterruptTableEntry _InterruptVectorTable[1] @0x00FFBFF0U = {

/* Interrupt vector table */



_VECTOR(CPU__ivVportad) /* 0x3D  0x00FFFEF4   4   ivVportad      used by PE */




it is relocating to this but interrupt is not generating, but if i use 0x00FFFEF4U interrupt is generating.


please suggest me with the procedure i need to follow to relocate interrupt vector table.