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Cannot erase or write internal flash memory.

Question asked by Vinayak Wadkar on May 11, 2016



As attachment can not be done in reply, I have opened this new thread in continuation to earlier thread - "Problem with KL17 flash erase an writing".


I have attached demo code - "flash_erase_write_code", please find the attachment.


As I said in earlier question's comment, flash erase and write routines return "RESULT_OK" means FTFA_FCCOB commands are getting sent successfully, but expected data is not being written on flash addresses staring from 0x2000.

I have tested the demo code on FRDM-KL43Z” board.


Do I need to do any configuration or initialization related flash in addition with flash routines?


Please review the demo code and let us know if we are missing anything.



Vinayak Wadkar


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