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Flexray NCV7383 demo boards

Discussion created by Bob Gardner on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by iggi

Greetings fellow CW5.1 users, HC12 c programmers, and Flexray experts to be. I have 2 of the Freescale NCV7383 demo boards. I can recompile the provided c source and burn it into the MC9S12XF512 and the 2 boards exchange pkts with frameID 1 and 2 and payload length of 6 words (12 bytes) as designed.This is a major milestone. Next step is to chg program to send a 32 byte payload with frameID like 0xAB rather than the slot address 1,2,3,4 selected by address switch. The Freescale dude that wrote most of it is Filip.Brtan and I bet he still works for NXP, and nothing would be better than a page or 2 memo of how to mod the demo to wake up and send ID 0x57 and a 16 byte payload just like my target system on the vehicle does. I have captured the frameIDs and payloads I need, and want to be able to send them every 100ms. I see there is one other guy like me in the NXP community trying to get familiar with the board and program. Maybe NXP can make a Flexray forum for us lone wolves to collaborate in? Flexray is going to get bigger here quick. NXP needs to support their new Freescale products. Thanks folks.